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Full recovery from
varicose veins for 1 course

  • Get rid of the visible signs and symptoms of varicose veins
  • Prevent the occurrence of the varicose veins disease
  • Get rid of pain and heavy legs
  • Safe and natural product
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Varicose veins are dangerous

Varicose veins are dangerous

Some patients suffering from varicose veins think they are a cosmetic flaw. They wear clothes to hide them and do not do anything to heal them.
  • Thrombosis
    The veins get thinner and merge with the skin
  • Every skin damage causes bleeding
  • Appearance of trophic ulcers caused by blood circulation problems and bad supply of nutrients towards tissues

The cause of blood clots

Blood clots are the result of the protective role of the organism with the aim of stopping the bleeding. Blood clots can become dangerous for three reasons:

  • - thinning of blood vessel walls
  • - increased blood viscosity
  • - slowing down of blood circulation

As a result, blood clots appear and can partially or completely block the blood vessels.

Risk factors for varicose veins:

Sedentary work
physical activity

Varikostop - the new generation product

Its predecessors were only meant to fight the consequences of the disease by relieving pain and eliminating swelling.

Varikostop acts globally

1. Get rid not only of the effects of varicose veins, but also of their cause - the blood clots.
2. It stimulates blood circulation and strengthens blood vessel walls.

The pharmaceutical action of Varikostop

  • 1. Helps reducing veins distensibility and congestion. By acting at the microcircular level, Varikostop reduces the fragility of capillaries as well as the vascular permeability and increases their resistance.
  • 2. The veins appear healthy , the nods disappear. Blood circulation is normalised, immediately improving the functioning of the heart, brain and intestines.
before after

Varikostop has an anti-inflammatory action

It stops the formation of prostaglandins, the substances that trigger inflammatory processes

The action of Varikostop
Veins before using Varikostop
Veins after using Varikostop

Completely natural

Gingko biloba extract
Rich in linalol esters, phenylpropane and ginkgolide, a unique substance
Expands the blood vessels
Increases the elasticity of blood vessel walls
Eliminates inflammation
Essential oils of lemon, soybean and coconut
Deodorize and reduce excessive sweating
Relieve the feeling of dryness and skin tightness
Deeply moisturize and nourish skin on legs
Sweet chestnut extract
Specific tannins based on gamma-melitannin and flavonoids
Antioxidant effect
Prevents the formation of free radicals that damage the blood vessel walls
P-vitamin activity
Plays a role in the reduction-oxidation process
Decreases capillary permeability and fragility
Strengthens blood vessel walls
Acts step by step
and globally:
Restore the functioning of venous valves
Improves the blood vessels' endothelial layer
Decreases the platelets' activity
1. Normalises the functioning of venous valves

In the case of varicose veins, venous valves are not entirely closed, provoking blood reflux. Normally, blood circulates from bottom to top, from the feet to the chest. During reflux, the major part of the blood stagnate in the lower limbs.

Varikostop strengthens the valves, restores the nerve connections, improves their nutrition and normalises blood circulation.
2. Strengthens the blood vessels' endothelial layer

During pathological processes, the number of dead endothelial cells exceeds the standard. They block the blood vessels and make them thinner.

Varikostop strengthens the endothelial layer, making blood vessels stronger and more elastic. It is an excellent way of preventing and treating varicose veins.
3. Reduces the platelets' activity

White-cells' enzymes enter the blood vessels, act on the platelets, destroy the blood clots and eliminate them from your body.

Varikostop normalises the number of immune cells in the blood and, at the same time, strengthens the blood vessel walls, preventing the white-cells from going out.
Do not wait until it gets worse
Take care of yourself today
Three steps to become healthy and beautiful again:
Apply a sufficient amount of product to problem areas and wait until it is completely absorbed. Use on a daily basis (1-2 times a day).
For a better result, apply the cream along massage lines.
Recommended course duration - depends on the degree of varicose veins.
They have tried Varikostop

I love heels. I've always thought that it is beautiful and that a woman should be beautiful. So I had varicose veins. No cream was working for me. I even tried injections. Thank you Varikostop, for helping me. My legs are those of a young lady, however I will not wear heels again.


I am tired of these veins. For one year, I have worn special tights, even when the weather was hot. I had no choice as nothing worked out. One day, my daughter brought me Varikostop to try it. I did, but I was not hoping for anything. Now it bacame a habit. Look at my results!


Varicose veins appeared just after pregnancy. Moreover I have a hereditary factor. I started to use Varikostop, and after a few days the swelling of my legs had considerably reduced. The pain diminished. Then the varicose veins disappeared. You can't find a better treatment at such price. I highly recommend it!


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